2013-14 Blue and Gold Club

The Regis University athletics department is committed to providing its student-athletes with the highest quality experience during their tenure as a Ranger. The Blue and Gold Club is essential to that experience. Established to support all of Regis’ athletic programs, the Blue and Gold Club is essential to the success of Regis Athletics and its student-athletes. Aiming to continue to be one of the premier academic and athletic institutions in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, Blue and Gold Club members will help achieve this goal by improving services and facilities, increasing recruiting budgets and advancing the student-athlete experience.

Becoming a part of the Blue and Gold Club showcases your commitment to the success of the Regis University Athletics Department. As a member of the Blue and Gold Club you will become integral in the accomplishments of current and future Regis student-athletes.

Regis University Athletics
Blue and Gold Club
3333 Regis Blvd., F-20
Denver, CO 80221

For more information contact:
Logan Garvin, Assistant Director of Athletics

2013-14 Brochure

2013-14 Blue and Gold Club Members

Director ($2,500+)

John Kenny

Rick Gervasini
Dale Frazier

Head Coach ($1,000+)

John Esquibel
Paul Martin
Pioneer Fund
Myron and Mae Martinson
Scott and Jane Schroeder
Timothy and Jodee Seitz
Richard and Estelle Deters
Frank Prescott
Steve Dybus
Ray and Tamera Morabito
Patricia Averson
Stephanie L. Williamson
Barbara Schroeder
Schwab Charitable Fund


Ranger ($500+)


Peter Brunson
John and Lisa Solberg
Dee Dilts
John and Jeanne Boyle
John Hundley
Steven Illias


Blue and Gold ($250+)

DPR Construction
Wilmer Wieman
Lonnie Porter
Dino and Tracy Lombardi
Tom, Mary and Kristen Dobleman
JoAnn Leffler
Court Dynamics INC.
Bob and Barbara Wallace
Joel and Leslie List
Lyle Gilroy
Allen E. Hower
Bruce Abeyta
Mike and Wendy Schicktanz
Wes and Kelly Horton
Mike Cutshall
Jim and Joyce Triska
Ben and Corinne Veltien
Victor A. Perrella
John and Julie Knox
Jon and Marie Rowe
Tom and Susan Schwein
Bill Herf
Arturro and Melissa Vega
Rick and Shelley Urwiller
Michael and Ann Groshek
Edward P. Bessenbacher
Michael Tenney 


University ($100+) 

Richard V. Mantey III
Daniel T. Nillen
Jim Seibert
Karen Elias
Steve and Anne Jeffries
Bob and Betty Roeder
Michael D. Martin
Don and Gina Bryant
Alan Vonstein
Julie Jestus
John and Margie Conway
Alan and Allison Ramirez
Roger Reiling
Everett and Robin Davis
Steve Scher
Michael and Shelly Randall
Vincent Rossi
Les and Sue Bundy
Betty Gilroy
Doug Luebbe
Rick and Patti Schraeder
Dustin and Katrina Delridge
William Thomas
Aaron and Annette Campbell
Kathleen Murphy
Anthony and Diane Heronema
Jennifer Sartori
Dr. Roger Vargas
Nancy Zoellner
Margaret White
Craig and Meliss Rae
Logan and Paulina Garvin
Dennis and Shirley King
Joe and Carol Hastie
Franklin Perkins
Robert Jacobsen
Alan Kube
Ronnie and Belynnda Griffin
Tom and Millie Oxley
Jim and Gail Grovena
Wayne Johnson
Jeff Hoffman
Manuel Molina
Fred Feal
Joe and Jennifer Hastie
Don Gury
David Milanesi
Ted and Linda Blank
Jim O'Fallon Hix III
Ed and Pam Nelson
Joseph Karl
Ron and Michelle Griffin
Lee Shannon
Brian and Renee Saracino
Nicholas Doran
Richard Cote
Leslie Diem
Rhonda Gray